You could say that using a custom ROM is akin to testing a beta product indefinitely, and in that case, using the beta version of CM Downloader previously available wasn't much of an issue. But for the more cautious ROMers among you, version 2.0 of CyanogenMod's automatic update-downloading and flashing app has gone stable.

This piece of software (formerly known as the CyanogenROM Downloader) saves CyanogenMod users, especially those who run on nightly builds, the effort of manually checking for and flashing the latest version. The app can flash deltas so that you only have to re-download the part that has actually changed, and it contains a number of other features to improve the experience.

2.0 brings the interface up to more modern standards. Users get a dark material theme that presents the same features in a more Lollipop-friendly way. Oh, and there are ads now. Gotta make money somehow.

What's new:


  • Resolved infinite loop while applying delta
  • Delta reconstruction 60% faster
  • Bugfix


  • Delta updates & Material Design (which will be improved with next releases)
  • Introduced Ads to cover costs of server that produces delta updates (are not shown if you select Full Zip)
  • Possibility to stop a download within the app
  • Simplified app's name

Lineage Downloader
Lineage Downloader
Developer: Alessandro Paolino
Price: Free+