There are a lot of solid dungeon crawlers available in the Play Store - my personal favorite is probably Mage Gauntlet. But whether it's because of the general trend towards the retro visual style or simply because it's easier to implement on mobile, most of them use a top-down 2D pixelated visual style. Not so for TinyKeep. The premiere Android game from developer Digital Tribe bucks those trends for a high-end take on the genre.

TinyKeep is actually another port from PC download service Steam, so it's easy to see where its high-end graphics come from. You'll need a powerful phone or tablet to get the most out of the experience. The basic story follows a prisoner trying to escape a fantasy dungeon which is (naturally) crawling with monsters and oversized bosses. Though the super deformed art style lends the game a cutesy aesthetic, it can get brutally hard at points. The monsters will work together to kill you, but you can also free other prisoners or utilize randomly-generated traps to your advantage. It does use a roguelike structure (if you die, you stay dead), so if that turns you off, look elsewhere.

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While TinyKeep supports both touchscreen and physical controls, the developer would really prefer you use the latter - it supports both standard HID controllers and SHIELD's physical controls. It's also compatible with Android TV for playing on the big screen. All this for just $5, with no in-app purchases to be seen? Please and thank you, Digital Tribe.

Developer: Digital Tribe
Price: $4.99