Hey there, HTC One M8 owners. Wondering when your 2014 flagship will get the latest version of Android? It might be a while. According to the official HTC Twitter account for the United Kingdom, the update is scheduled for (wait for it) August of this year.

You'll notice that it's a tad far out. Unfortunately that's pretty typical for HTC, and since phones in the United Kingdom tend to be close or identical to international versions in terms of software, it means that the carrier-specific builds that we get in the US will probably go out a few weeks after that. At least.

While there's no firm date for the 5.1/Sense 7 update on the HTC One M7 from 2013, at least they mentioned it. The M7 will be more than two years old at that point, which is when most manufacturers tend to drop off software support. Interpret the smiley face emoticon however you'd like.