Trendy and thrifty travelers have taken a real shine to sub-letting app Airbnb, and those of them with tablets have a good reason to celebrate today. Version 5.0 of the Android app introduces a new user interface specifically for tablets, and it's available in the Play Store now. The 5.0 update doesn't seem to be going out in batches, but if you're having trouble getting it, the APK is available for download on APK Mirror.

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New above, old below.

The new interface makes better use of the large space than the old app, which basically just blew up the phone UI for tablets. But Airbnb remains extremely unconventional: to be perfectly honest, the new UI isn't all that useful if you're trying to see a lot of listings quickly. The focus on photos makes sense for a service that mostly rents out single bedrooms and the like, but tipping the scales a bit more towards information wouldn't hurt.

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The app's functionality is mostly unchanged: you can rent and request rooms, pay your bill, and scope out your next destination with a variety of search filters. An Aibnb account is required, though you can also sign up with a Google or Facebook login.

Developer: Airbnb
Price: Free