The SwiftKey folks regularly inject new features into their popular third-party keyboard, but there are only so many changes they can make without alienating existing users. So the company has created a new space where it can conduct experiments safely. It's calling this initiative SwiftKey Greenhouse.


The first piece of software to sprout up in SwiftKey's new garden is the Clarity keyboard, an alternative to the company's main product that takes things back to basics. Aside from the ability to capitalize or access symbols using gestures, there's nothing in the way of fancy features here. There isn't even a prediction bar. And as of yet, there are no options to toggle.

Clarity3 Clarity4

Clarity takes all of SwiftKey's predictive and learning capabilities and supplies them on the backend. The keyboard knows what you're trying to type, and with multi-word autocorrect checking the last few words you've typed and adjusting them as you go, you may find that you have to go back and manage erroneous suggestions much less often.

Clarity1 Clarity2

Clarity is still in beta, so this may not be a bold show of confidence in SwiftKey's ability to make accurate predictions. Additional settings could be on the way in a future release, or this could simply be a playground for future SwiftKey features. Either way, Clarity is a great way to see how far SwiftKey can get you without toggling a thing.

Since the company wants to get as much user data and feedback as possible, Clarity keyboard is available to everyone via the Play Store below.

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