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Free stuff is good, and free stuff that works with your Android device is just a little better than that: so that's whar we're giving away today. Courtesy of Huawei, we're offering 10 of the brand-new (as in, yet-to-be-released) TalkBand B2 personal fitness and wireless earpiece gadgets designed to be Bluetooth Swiss army knives (meaning Android and iOS support).

The B2's monochrome display area is actually pretty wild - it's definitely neat to behold in person. It's also highly versatile - you can wear it on your wrist like a fitness tracker, or on your ear like a Bluetooth earpiece. Either way, the B2 will track your activity and allow you to easily go hands-free for voice calls. It also manages some basic notifications from your phone, acting as a sort of proto-smartwatch. And yep, it even passively displays the time.

How do you get your hands on a B2 before anyone else in the US? Well, by winning this contest, basically. Huawei will send you a TalkBand B2 before it officially launches, so you'll be among the very first to try one out in the real world. To enter, just see the Rafflecopter widget below. Oh, and if you want a second chance to win? Head over to the Huawei Community and sign up - you can enter for another chance to win a TalkBand B2 there.

This contest is open to US residents only.

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