We're back to discussion mode this weekend, and this weekend's discussion may require some thought. Increasingly, I've noticed an interesting side effect to the ever-larger smartphones we carry: people don't seem as interested in tablets anymore as a result. I know that when I'm using my Nexus 6, I'm much likelier to place that on my bedside table than I am my iPad for my morning email and reading, because it's a bit more comfortable to hold and type on, but still gives me plenty of room to watch videos or bang out an appreciably long email.

I'm not sure if I'd say I don't want a tablet as much as I used to, but I will say that I am much pickier about what I want my tablet to be as a result. Namely, really fast (for gaming, which I don't do on my phone almost ever), great screen, excellent battery life (my iPad Air 2 is a bit of a slouch here), high resale value, and an abundance of high-quality content. As such, I really like my iPad Air 2, and it generally doesn't disappoint me (except when I try to use it as a work machine out of the country for a week... without a backup laptop).

Some people prefer smaller phones, but even a 5" display is a big step up from the 3.7" and 4" screens that were common a few years back, and tablet sales are generally losing steam.

So, what do you think? Talk it out in the comments below.