I'm no professional DJ, but I know a guy. I could pretend that makes me in some way qualified to evaluate a piece of software intended for people like him, but I usually tune out whenever he starts talking specifics about work. Hey, it doesn't matter how cool your job is. Work is work.

Getting to the point, DJiT has released a music mixer intended for professional DJs. The app, edjing Pro, was apparently designed by DJs themselves to place a direct emphasis on mixing. Adding tracks is supposedly effortless, and the app's interface keeps just as much information displayed on-screen as necessary. I'm assuming, anyway. Again, I know nothing about mixing tracks. I wouldn't even boast the ability to make a decent playlist.

This is hardly DJiT's first Android app. edjing already exists on Google Play as a more simplified mixer that can pull tracks from the likes of Deezer and SoundCloud. People who know more about this stuff than me have installed the app over 10,000,000 times.

DJiT is selling edjing Pro for 50% off at launch. So for the time being, you can get the app for $7.99. After that, there are no ads, nor any in-app purchases. It's your digital turntable, one that supports both tablets and phones alike. Do with it what you will.