Twitter can be intimidating to new users. The same can be said for experienced users. A timeline is only as good as the content you follow, and even then, you may miss the good bits over the course of a day unless you commit to scrolling through every single tweet.

So the company is introducing Highlights, push notifications that put what's hopefully interesting content directly into your notification shade.

To determine what to send you, Twitter looks at what is popular among the people you follow, events trending in your area, and tweets from people you're close with.

Since this can get annoying quick, Twitter lets you opt in to the service. You can then set Highlights to show up to twice daily. They will pop up in their own interface, which you can navigate by swiping right to left.


At launch, Highlights are only available in English. And in what is a break from recent occurrences, the feature is only available on Android for the time being. Twitter will consider bringing it to other platforms in the future.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free