SwiftKey has announced beta version 5.3 of its third-party keyboard, and this time the highlight feature concerns a new menu for accessing content and settings. It's called the SwiftKey Hub.

This little menu appears to the left of the prediction bar. It serves as a quick way to access the app's most popular settings. This is a change from having to activate a separate key's secondary function, as SwiftKey (using the 123 key) and many other alternative keyboards have done.


The SwiftKey Hub is divided into three sections: Personalize, SwiftKey Store, and Settings. The first includes SwiftKey Cloud, usage stats, and access to the support. The Store is your gateway to themes, while Settings lets you do things such as change your layout.

Dashlane users can also integrate the password manager with SwiftKey in order to insert login credentials more easily.

This update should roll out automatically to beta users. If you want in on this action, here's what you need to do.