Here's a surprise for you. For once we're not talking about a photo editing app that has come to Android after being available on iOS for months or worse yet, years. How novel! Overam is the name of said app and it's being released on Android first (maybe only?).

While Overam does offer the usual panoply of filters, its selling point is the usage of geometric shapes to create a disconnect between two parts of the image and highlight the one you want. You start with one of 200+ geometric shapes ranging from the simple to the most complex, pick one of the 5 different blur effects included, add a filter if you want to (including dual filters that only apply to part of the image), and you can save your photo locally, share it, or go on to make another edit on top of it.

Overam_20150423_114358 Overam_20150423_115125

Two edits I made in Overam on one of my photos. I really like this shadowy effect.

Every option inside Overam is accompanied by a sliding bar so you can pick just how much of the effect, blur, opacity, etc, you want to apply. Colors can be tinkered with, shapes can have a glow effect, and there's a lot to play around with. But two of the cool features I noticed while trying the app were the option to invert the blur, which applies it to the part inside your selected shape, and the live camera editor. The latter lets you modify all of the options before taking the photo so you know what to expect and how to align your shot appropriately. I should mention though the one notably missing option in the app: you can't share a photo from your Gallery to Overam directly, instead you open the app first and go hunt for it.

Overam is free in the Play Store so you can go try it out for yourself. Results will vary a lot depending on how good you are with geometry and alignment, and whether or not you have the eye to spot angles and shots that are good candidates for this kind of editing.

Overam -Geometry & Photography
Overam -Geometry & Photography
Developer: PhotoSoft
Price: Free+