There aren't lots of secrets left regarding LG's upcoming flagship phone prior to its unveiling next week on April 28. The company itself has been busy pre-announcing the G4's 16MP f/1.8 camera sensor, leather back, and UX 4.0, before letting the cat out of the bag almost entirely (or inadvertently?). Now a second part of the UX 4.0 teaser reveals more details about the updated software layer that will ship on the phone.

This part 2 explains two features that were hinted at in the first video, namely Ringtone ID and Quick Shot. The former automatically creates personalized ringtones for your contacts to differentiate them by tone and the second takes a photo by simply double tapping the rear volume down key. It works even when the phone is locked, which is very useful for those spontaneous moments that you don't want to miss out on capturing. I'm not sure about the utility of Ringtone ID though, because well, what are the odds of you recognizing the differences between multiple machine-generated tunes? Instead, you can always manually assign your contacts ringtones that are easy to associate with them. Or you know, there are Wear watches.

Two other new UX 4.0 features made it onto the video as well. First, there's Gesture Interval Shot, a burst mode for the front camera, except the pause between shots is longer so you can change your facial expression before that next priceless selfie. And next, there's an update to Quick Memo+ that lets you save specific text or photo parts of a webpage into a memo.

As a bonus, here's another teaser LG posted earlier this week demo'ing the G4's camera capabilities, including manual settings for ISO, shutter speed (up to 30 seconds), and white balance.