No one is going to claim that tablet designs are exactly innovative. After all, they're pretty much all thin slabs of plastic or metal with big touchscreens. Maybe they need more pointy bits? Acer certainly thinks so, which is why it's planning to release a gaming tablet called Predator. It's not an attractive device.


The 8-inch Predator tablet has some similar design cues when compared to Acer's gaming laptops. And by the way, gaming laptops are not usually known for their elegant design aesthetics. The Predator has four red triangular protrusions, one at each corner. There's a speaker in each one as well.

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Acer expects to start selling the Predator in Q4, which is still quite a long time to be showing it off now. We don't know what kind of specs it'll have or the screen resolution. However, as a gaming tablet, it will probably be powerful (perhaps a Tegra X1). Maybe between now and release they can make it less ugly, because yikes.