Ready for Google's vision of a modern cell phone service provider? So are we. Google Fi isn't quite prepared to open its doors, but right now it's accepting sign-ups for invitations at this site. The service isn't quite ready to launch, but according to the site and the video, lucky invitees will be allowed in sometime in the next week. Google will allow batches of customers in each week, but you should get a "yes" or "no" answer within 30 days.

We know pretty much what to expect from Google Fi thanks to a couple of high-profile leaks. Check it out here, after you're done getting your invitation in - there are likely to be hundreds of thousands of applicants, so do it quickly.

The site includes a small FAQ with a little bit more info, along with a service coverage map (US only for now). The service relies on both Wi-Fi (VOIP) and selecting between the best available coverage on T-Mobile and Sprint, making Fi a quasi-MVNO. You'll need to be within the service area in order to qualify for an invitation, and as rumored, Project Fi will only work with the Nexus 6 at launch. Thanks to integration with Hangouts, you can receive calls or texts from your number on any Android tablet, PC, Chromebook, et cetera. Text messages and voicemail will be synced with your Google account.


Pricing is $20 a month (no contract, no discount on the Nexus 6) for unlimited domestic minutes and international text messages, plus $10 for every gigabyte you use. If you sign up for more data than you use, you'll be reimbursed the difference on the following month's bill. For the initial launch only individual plans are offered, no family or business options. Calls to international numbers will incur a per-minute fee depending on the country, but calls to any US number (even if you're calling from a Wi-Fi hotspot internationally) are free.

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