A leaked slide posted to the Chinese social networking service Weibo claims to show what ARM has in store for the next generation of reference designs. There are five total Cortex cores, all with codenames taken from Greek mythology. Some of them include manufacturing process information, but others are lacking in detail.


At the high end there's Ares, which will apparently be a 10nm core with a 1-1.2W power envelope. This design is intended for use in large tablets and laptop designs. The Prometheus core will be the new high-end choice for smartphones with a 10nm process and 600-750mW power envelope. According to the slide, Artemis is a 16nm core with the same power envelope, indicating it will probably be the LITTLE component of a big.LITTLE configuration with Prometheus.

Further down market from all that is Ananke, which doesn't have a manufacturing process listed. It's supposed to be for use in big.LITTLE configurations for mid-range and entry-level devices with its 100-250mW power envelope. At the very bottom is Mercury, which will only need 50-150mW of power per core, making it ideal for embedded solutions and wearables.

This is all still very much unconfirmed, and there are no solid dates on the slide. Even if it's all legit, "Future" doesn't tell us when any of these cores will be announced or available for licensing.