There are dozens of Reddit clients in the Play Store, which is important seeing as the Reddit website sucks so hard on mobile devices. It doesn't really have a mobile UI at the main URL, it just scales things (awkwardly) to fit the screen width. There's also a little used "compact" site that's terrible in every way. Thankfully, Reddit is testing a beta mobile version of the site, and you can check it out now. It won't make you want to give up Reddit is Fun or Sync just yet, but maybe one day.

The layout is completely different from the classic desktop Reddit—it's available at The page is a series of cards with appropriately-sized image previews and links that are actually large enough to tap. Comment threads are automatically collapsed in a smarter manner as well. The basic functionality is there, including logins, comments, access to all subreddits, and more. Posting new items from the mobile site will come later.

The site is still kind of slow to load things right now due to all the JavaScript it's running, but that can be cleaned up over time. Scrolling performance is great, though. It's good timing to get on this with Google finally prioritizing mobile optimized sites. You should give it a look. Some screens of the regular site are below for comparison.

2015-04-21 21.41.16 2015-04-21 21.41.52 large

2015-04-21 22.07.09 2015-04-21 22.07.19 2015-04-21 22.07.42

The old site