Plex is one of the easiest ways to view local video on your mobile devices, and its developers have been gradually cranking out updates as of late that improve the Android experience. Version 4.2 doesn't overhaul the experience, but it does introduce a number of tweaks to the user interface.

One addition is the new Discover mode to help you browse the content in your library. A panel at the bottom allows you to easily switch between it and standard navigation.


The changes aren't all visual. Now each user can save their own Account, Experience, and Video preferences.

For the full set of improvements and alterations, here's the changelog straight from Plex.

  • Add 'Discover' mode for libraries, a smart way to browse your content.
  • The 'Video', 'Experience' and 'Account' preference categories are now saved separately for each user.
  • Improve active player dialog with better UI and new 'open remote controller' option.


  • Improve efficiency of server / player discovery.
  • Fix a memory leak when casting media to another device.
  • Fix crash during Google Play purchase flow.
  • Fix an Airplay crash when media was about to start.
  • Better library management in navigation menu when switching servers.
  • Rearrange library picker items for consistency with other clients.
  • Change album and photo thumbnails to make them square as in other platforms.
  • Upgrade Experimental player to resolve memory leaks.