In its ongoing effort to make classrooms, well, more Googley, Google has a new batch of updates for its Classroom program today.

In a post to its for Education blog, Google has announced a handful of new features for Classroom, the most notable being collaboration. Now, educators can invite other educators to collaborate on a class, so other teachers can give students feedback, create assignments, make announcements, and participate in student discussions.

In fact, Google says, invited teachers can do almost everything the main teacher can do - "everything except delete the class."


Additionally, Google announced the new ability to save announcements and assignments as drafts, which should streamline the workflow of planning classes. Any unfinished announcements or assignments will be automatically saved as a draft, just like in Gmail.

Teachers will also gain the ability to autosave grades, meaning that if you need to take a break from grading, you won't have to worry about half the class getting its grades early.

These are pretty big changes, but Google says it still has more news before school gets out for the summer. Check out the full post below.