When a new version of Android hits, we want to know what's inside of its candy-coated shell. One of the best ways to discover all of the new treats is to read through the developer comments located in the Android Open Source Project. We've downloaded the code and generated a changelog of every single modification made between v5.1.0_r5 (LMY47O) and the newly released v5.1.1_r1 (LMY47V).


There are a total of 34 commits, with the majority falling into either core OS functions, media decoding and handling, or telephony. From a quick look, it's not hard to pick out some of the more well-known issues that are fixed with this release:

If you'd like to read through the changes, hit the link below for the full changelog. Otherwise, just sit back and wait for the OTA updates and factory images to roll out for whatever devices you've got laying around.