Twitter is a public service by default, but when you need to take things private, there's always direct messages. They have traditionally been very limited, though. Twitter is rolling a change out to all devices starting today that makes them a little more useful. It's not clear if you'll need an app update or if this is all server side.


Here are the DM changes you can exepct to see in the official app.

  • A setting that allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don’t follow them. To change your settings follow these instructions.
  • Updated messaging rules so you can reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, regardless of whether or not that person follows you.
  • A new Direct Message button on profile pages on Android and iPhone. You’ll see it on the profiles of people you can send Direct Messages to.

You can already enable DMs from anyone via the web settings, but now that feature will be included in the Twitter client itself. You'll also be able to reply to DMs you receive even if you're not following the person, which only makes sense. Finally, there will be a new DM button on profile pages in the app. If there's an app update required, you can be sure we'll let you know.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free+