There has to be someone out there looking to sign a contract on a lightweight projector that's capable of running Android apps.

Wait, you don't even know what a smart projector is? Right... that might be a problem. Okay, I'm going to talk to my fellow AT&T execs and—you know what, screw it, we're going to sell this anyway. Someone out there is going to love it. I mean, what better way is there to impress your business clients than to whip out some cool, forward-looking piece of tech that no one else has even seen?

So yes, we, AT&T, will sell you a smart projector by the name of the ZTE Spro 2. The thing runs Android 4.4.4, can install apps from Google Play, has a 1280 by 800 resolution, and is powered by a 6,300mAh battery. It also doubles as mobile hotspot.

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We will be the device's exclusive carrier here in the US. We're only asking $499.99 for it, and we'll even cut that down by a whole $100 if you sign a two-year contract. Watch the video we've put together below, and then get back to us on April 24th.

Press Release

Be the First to Get Your Hands on the Award Winning ZTE Spro 2™ Smart Projector; Coming to AT&T Exclusively Starting April 24

Starting this Friday, April 24, the ZTE Spro™ 2, an award-winning*, wireless smart projector will be available exclusively in select AT&T retail stores1 nationwide and online at

The Spro 2 is a portable projector that allows you to easily access content and can be added to a new or existing AT&T Mobile Share Value plan for just $10 per month.2 The Spro 2 will cost $399.99 with a two-year agreement3 or $499.99 with no annual commitment. Check out the ZTE Spro 2 Mobile Minute for additional details.

The Spro 2 is the first Android™ smart projector to feature auto focus and auto keystone correction. It runs on Android 4.4.4 and the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network with the strongest signal4, so you can stream movies, games or presentations virtually anywhere at any time. The Spro 2 is also brighter than before with a 1280 x 720 resolution and 200 lumens, providing you with the ultimate in-home theater experience. It is extremely convenient for work as well as allowing you to share spreadsheets and presentations in vibrant color and clarity. In addition, the Spro 2’s mobile hotspot feature can securely connect up to 10 devices on Wi-Fi at once.5

The Spro 2 has an easy-to-use interface and with a 5-inch touch screen display you can monitor your data usage on the home screen. With the Spro 2 you can even stream media content through Google Play™ apps, micro SD card, USB stick (accessories sold separately), HDMI output and Wi-Fi connections.

A 6300 mAh lithium polymer battery provides you with up to two and a half hours of media streaming and up to 16 hours of connectivity.6 The Spro 2 is just 1.5 inches thin, making it easy to fit into a bag, briefcase or backpack.

The Spro 2 has been recognized by a number of technology organizations and media outlets for its innovative design and user experience. It was a recipient of a GSMA Global Mobile Award for “Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device” and was awarded “Best of CES 2015” by PC Magazine, BGR and Android Authority.*

For more information on the Spro 2 and to purchase starting April 24 visit