Surprisingly, we haven't asked this one more than once! Actually, I don't think we've ever asked it exactly like this, and it'll be an interesting one to watch. We did, however, ask you about six months ago whether your device was rooted. A full 63% were in the "yes" camp - let's see how this poll's results compare.

So, this week's question: are you running a custom ROM on your phone? For those of you with OnePlus Ones (or Yus, or N1s), if you are running an unmodified Cyanogen OS build or Oxygen OS - be it a nightly or a stable release - please answer "no." The reasoning here is as follows: a custom ROM's generally accepted definition is firmware that your device did not ship with or upgrade to on an officially sanctioned path. It is the firmware other than that which is implemented and supported by the manufacturer.

Luckily, for everyone else, this should be a pretty straightforward question.

Does your primary phone run a custom ROM?

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