You can also get the full RUU for this OTA from HTC right here.

Sprint got it last week, now T-Mobile is the next in line. The flagship HTC One M9 leaves a lot to be desired in the camera department, at least on the stock version of the phone's software. HTC has issued a small update that should dramatically improve camera quality, though it has to be said that the comparison shots we've seen thus far are still noticeably behind other recent high-end Android phones. The T-Mobile support page for the update (software version 1.32.531.33) was posted late last night, though it says it won't begin until Monday.

HTC's VP of Product Management and all-round good dude Mo Versi says that the update is active right now.

Seriously, every manufacturer and carrier needs a Mo Versi. He's worth ten PR people.

Other changes are vague: HTC says that the update includes "Blinkfeed improvements" and "user interface improvements." You'll need at least a 50% battery charge and a Wi-Fi connection before you can start the download, despite the fact that it's a rather small 88MB. Expect any modification of the software to cause a flash failure.

If you own the AT&T version of the One M9 and you're wondering when you'll get your update, it looks like it could be as soon as next week. Versi said that AT&T's software approval was scheduled for Monday, but we don't have any way of verifying that.

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