Does your home have a lot of mobile devices? I mean a lot of them? Maybe you're a modern-day Brady Bunch, and every adult and kid has a phone, tablet, smartwatch, and external battery? Or alternately, do you run a bar or work for a gadget blog? Then you'll probably be able to find a use for the Yubi Universal USB Family Charging Tower Station With Surge And Overload Protection For... you know what, I'm running out of words here. They're big hunks of plastic with a ton of USB charging ports, and today they're cheap at Amazon.


You can grab the 24-port version of the tower for $31.99, a discount of about $8 off the regular price (don't believe the $99 "retail price," it's the typical Amazon vendor baloney). The 32-port version is on sale for $38.99, an $11 discount. Not bad for these very niche tools.

Keep in mind that the tower doesn't come with any extra USB cords - you'll have to provide your own. And each 2-port subsection can output a maximum of 2 amps, so tablets or large smartphones will only get the benefit if you leave an adjacent USB port free. It goes without saying that the towers won't work with quick charging implementations from Qualcomm and others. Both the 24 and 32-port options are available with free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers.