Owners of the PS3 or Xbox 360 might remember a certain daredevil named Joe Danger from a few years back. In the indie title of the same name, Mr. Danger rode his motorcycle across various courses, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Now you can play the game on Android, and it's the same version that was available on the consoles a few years back.

This is a side-scroller that plays half like a racer and half like a platformer. You must tap and swipe to avoid obstacles while collecting items and disabling traps. Sometimes you've got an opponent to race against too. The game promises 20 hours of gameplay, and there's a multiplayer mode.

Joe Danger costs almost $3 in the Play Store, and there are some in-app purchases for additional coins. It seems like you earn plenty of coins playing the game, and the IAPs are pretty buried. I don't think that's anything to worry about.

Joe Danger
Joe Danger
Developer: Hello Games Ltd
Price: $1.99+