Have you been eagerly waiting to try the Meerkat live video streaming service, which launched as an iOS exclusive? Well you're probably going to have to wait a little longer. Meerkat is now available on Android, but only as a beta. And not a "come on in, the water's fine" Play Store beta, it's an invite-only beta being run from a Google Docs page. Invitations don't seem to be going out widely yet. We don't even have screenshots to show you. See, look down there. No screenshots anywhere.



If you're wondering what Meerkat is, it's basically a fusion of Twitter-based video apps like Vine with live-streaming mobile video. Sign in with your Twitter credentials and you can quickly start a video stream that's instantly shared with your followers. Just imagine, instead of sending a boring static image of your kale risotto, you can dazzle the internet with twenty-four frames a second and immersive sound... of kale risotto.

Meerkat is not to be confused with Periscope, a Twitter-based live video streaming app that launched first on iOS. OK, maybe it is to be confused, but Periscope is Twitter's first-party implementation, while Meerkat is an independent startup. The fact that the small team can (at least technically) get an Android app out before a billion-dollar company is a feather in their caps.