It seems like just yesterday when Google was testing a new layout for the search engine results page, with colorful underlines separating search results into individual cards.

That layout ended up sticking, and now it seems Google is at it again, testing some rather pleasing new tweaks for the SERP.

We can't be sure just yet who will see these changes or whether they'll become permanent, but check out the before and after shots provided by a tipster below.

nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-04-16-13-28-41 (1) nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-04-16-13-21-00 (1)

left: current layout right: new layout

The new layout is undeniably more influenced by Google's material design. The only information missing in the new view is one search result and one line of text indicating that a user has visited a results page before (but that may be because the new layout appeared for our tipster only in incognito mode). In the end the layout - at least perceptively - has a lot more breathing room.

The Google logo is centered at the top with plenty of space, while the search bar gets some extra lateral space. Search categories and tools now get their own, more distinct spaces, and the actual results appear on a card below the whole assembly, just like before.

As mentioned before, we can't be sure whether the new layout will stick, but this writer hopes it does.

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