Are you a new owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and have expandable storage withdrawal? Maybe things aren't so bad, since Best Buy is running a killer deal on a tiny flash drive that will plug straight into your phone. Of course, the main negative to a microUSB device would be the difficulty getting files onto it, but there's an easy way to deal with that: this one also has a standard USB plugin.


It might not be quite like having a microSD card, but for quick and relatively painless moving of files between PC and phone/tablet, this is nearly ideal. And if you want to keep a bunch of locally stored music or video files handy for when you don't have a network connection, this would be a great option for that too.

At $10, this is 50% off the list price. It actually costs less than the 16GB model, presently. The 64GB version is marked down to $25 as well, which isn't quite as steep of a discount but still a heck of a deal. This particular flash drive has very good reviews, both at Best Buy and at Amazon (where the price is higher).

If you have been thinking about some OTG storage or even just a cost-effective flash drive for your desktop, you'll want to jump on this deal while it lasts.