Google plans to roll out a new Google Play program that places an emphasis on family-focused (i.e. kid-friendly) apps and games. This initiative will display pre-approved content under an experience the company is calling "Designed for Families." The goal is to point parents in the direction of software from the likes of Crayola and PBS Kids without exposing them to the flood of less age-appropriate content on display in the Play Store.


Developers are welcome to submit their family-oriented creations to the Designed for Families program. To get in, their content must meet the program's requirements. In a nutshell, this means submitting apps that are rated ESRB Everyone (10+) or equivalent, display kid-friendly ads, and are forthright about sharing information. Google says a team will review the submissions, so it's unclear how long the approval process may take.

Eligibility requirements
  1. Apps must be rated as ESRB Everyone or Everyone 10+, or equivalent
  2. If your Designed for Families app displays ads, you confirm that:2.1 You comply with applicable legal obligations relating to advertising to children.2.2 Ads displayed to child audiences do not involve interest-based advertising or remarketing.

    2.3 Ads displayed to child audiences present content that is consistent with the app’s content rating.

    2.4 Ads displayed to child audiences follow the Designed for Families ad format requirements.

  3. You must accurately disclose the app’s interactive elements on the content rating questionnaire, including:3.1 Users can interact or exchange information3.2 Shares user-provided personal information with third parties

    3.3 Shares the user’s physical location with other users

  4. Apps that target child audiences may not use Google+ Sign-In or Google Play game services as the login experience for their app.

Google hasn't said exactly when it intends for the program to go live, but you can look for the content to appear sometime in the coming weeks.