According to AT&T, Android Lollipop is now on its way to LG G2 owners on its network. This news comes at roughly the same time as T-Mobile's own over-the-air rollout.

Android 5.0 is going out as a 721 MB download, and you need a Wi-Fi connection to pull it down. If you need a refresher on what new features were added in Lollipop, don't worry, we have you covered. As for LG-specific changes, Verizon provided a decent look with its version of the same update.


As you may have noticed, the good news doesn't stop there. This OTA actually removes bloatware. The AT&T Code Scanner, Beats Music, Browser Bar, and Famigo should all go away once everything is done. These apps don't cover all of the phone's pre-installed software, but at least they're gone.