Updates get us excited, especially when they involve making the leap to the latest version of Android. But for some Nexus 5 users, the transition has come at the expense of their camera. Following the release of Android 5.1, they've been unable to reliably activate the camera without getting hit by crashes.

This incident occurs once the stock app or any other piece of software tries to access the camera, such as Facebook or Snapchat. Smart Unlock has also been affected by this issue. A bug report has been filed, with the issuer suspecting that the problem concerns android.hardware.Camera._getCameraInfo().

While I have personally never encountered this issue on my Nexus 5, our founder has. Here is a video documenting his experience.

And these are the screenshots Artem took on his device.

Sometimes the camera works again after restarting, and sometimes it doesn't. In those cases where this seems to fix things, the problem eventually returns. In Artem's case, he was temporarily able to get the camera to work after rebooting, but it froze once he enabled HDR+. He had to perform a hard reboot to bring his phone back to life.

Hopefully someone at Google has a fix in the works.

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