Game of Thrones fans won't be surprised to know that winter is on its way to Winterfell. The high today will only reach 22 degrees. During the day the Great Hall will be hazy with smoke, and the smell of fresh bread will fill the air. Come night time, water from the hot spring will rush through the walls like blood.

Speaking of which, in King's Landing, be on the lookout for bloody rain. If you find yourself caught outside, don't even bother trying to remove the stains. Fortunately, with a high in the mid 70s, you shouldn't have to layer up. It's perfect weather for a wedding, but by night time, the streets will be dark and deserted.

That's what the Bright Weather app tells me, anyway.

Most of us will need to perform a manual search to see these forecasts. But since Bright Weather is perfectly capable of automatically pulling up your location, those of you who are currently in Winterfell or King's Landing to experience season 5 in person should see the local weather pop up automatically.

And in other news, the app now integrates with Facebook Messenger.

Bright Weather
Bright Weather
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