By now you may have seen YouTube's experimental new web player UI. The new interface has been popping up for some users for a while now, but if you haven't used the new player yet and you're feeling left out - good news. Today we've learned there's a way to enable the UI for yourself using a simple Chrome extension.

You can see a full video tutorial from Saurav Sinha here, but the gist is this:

  1. Download EditThisCookie from the Chrome web store
  2. Go to YouTube
  3. Open EditThisCookie and click "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE"
  4. Change the value to Q06SngRDTGA
  5. Celebrate

Presumably Firefox users can achieve the same effect using their favorite cookie editing addon.

The new interface replaces the solid control bar with a gradient, and simplifies iconography. The play/pause button now animates between states, and the settings menu is likewise more fluid.

As with any interface-in-testing, we can't be 100% sure when or if the changes will stick. Here's hoping!


Thanks Ojas and everyone else who's tipped us about the UI so far!