YouTube isn't the only Google web property getting some A/B testing right now. Apparently Maps is under the microscope as well, with Google testing a new nav drawer menu and refreshed biking and traffic elements.

The nav drawer icon, as you might expect, is embedded in the search bar, a pattern introduced with the new nav drawer icon and material design.


There's also a "road sign" navigation icon embedded in the same bar.

As mentioned, biking and traffic legends have been refreshed in the new design, too. The information panels have been broken out of the search interface, centered at the bottom of the UI. The traffic panel now highlights the currently selected day with a circle, and has a material-style slider along with a chunkier, easier-to-read speed legend. Both elements also gained material-style toggles.

Take a look at the before-and-after.



Top: Bicycling legend before, Bottom: Bicycling legendafter



Top: Traffic legend before, Bottom: Traffic legend after

As with any interface test, we can't say for sure when or if the changes will roll out to all users, but in the meantime what do you think?

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