The day has finally arrived. It's been a mad dash for Samsung and HTC ever since their near simultaneous announcements at MWC this year, but the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are available in the US starting today. You can walk into a store and walk out with one of these phones on the carrier of your choice.


Some pre-orders have already been shipping over the past week or so (especially the T-Mobile GS6), but now stores are allowed to actually sell them. So which one should you get? It just so happens we have some reviews to help you decide. So check out the AP One M9 and Galaxy S6 reviews before you get your heart set on anything. Maybe you'll opt to wait for the G4 or Note 5.


These are premium phones with premium prices. You're looking at a $200 on-contract or $600-700 off-contract/payment plan cost for the base model. We've got some direct links below.