Amazon knows its offers more e-books than the other guys, and when it comes to producing a solid reader, that matters a great deal. So what else does the company have left to do for each of its updates?

For version 4.11, it is trying to improve the experience for people who are picking up (metaphorically speaking) a particular book for the first time and those who may have trouble with larger words.

So when you initially open a novel, Amazon will toss up an introductory panel that provides general background information along with an estimated read time. It only does this once. You can then pull this information back up by selecting About This Book in the sidebar.

"Word Wise" shows hints above challenging words. I did not see any show up in the book I had open, perhaps because it didn't seem any of the text was particularly difficult.

The massive online distributor of books has also made the Android app a little more social by underlining parts of text that other readers have highlighted often.

The changelog includes other features, such as the ability to create flash cards from textbooks and browse through comics using a table of contents. Take a look.

What's new:

  • Read more challenging books with Word Wise
  • Learn more about the book and author before you start reading
  • See popular highlights from other Kindle readers
  • Create flashcards from textbooks to help you study
  • Look up words with any dictionary
  • Control Audible playback easily without leaving the page
  • Navigate manga easily with a table of contents
  • Bug fixes

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