Just because we often mention WhatsApp here on the site, it doesn't mean that we don't keep an eye on its fan-favorite competitor Telegram. Rising from its modest start, the service has been commendably quick to add new features, design guidelines, and always improve security. This latest update brings two new options that privacy advocates will appreciate and one that will make your chats even more enjoyable.

First on the security front, Telegram now lets you set up two-step verification so that you're asked about a password before signing in to your account from a new device. Second, it allows you to view your active sessions on phones, tablets, and computers, and remotely stop the sessions that you no longer need or find fraudulent.

telegram-27-1 telegram-27-2 telegram-27-3

Beside these behind-the-scenes implementations, Telegram has added rich link previews. If you send a message with a link to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, 9gag and "other popular services," the app will recognize the address and append a preview snippet to the link. That's handy! If you don't want to include the preview, you simply tap the X button that shows up once the link is analyzed to only send the URL.

telegram-27-7 telegram-27-5 telegram-27-4

Below are the full changelog for v2.7 and the link to download Telegram from the Play Store.

  • Sessions List. View your active Telegram sessions (on desktop, tablet and mobile devices) and close specific sessions remotely.
  • Link Previews. Get rich link summaries for tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and other content.
  • Two-step verification. Set up an additional password that will be required to log into your Telegram account.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free