In our nerdy universe, phone unboxings are the equivalent of gadget porn — shiny, exciting, and they involve things being turned on. (Sorry.) But Samsung may have inadvertently stumbled on a more titillating category in its latest video: inboxings. Think of them as the reverse process of unboxings and teardowns: you start with the various electronic pieces and put them together to build the phone, then you place the accessories and device inside the box for the final shipping-ready product.

In Samsung's S6 Edge iteration, melodic piano notes accompany the procedure, slow-motions and close-ups focus on the important components, tweezers and screwdrivers are delicately pinched and rotated, and the actor stops to gaze at the phone several times to appreciate his work. It's all unabashedly artsy, but it's forgivable because we know the S6 is one of the company's (if not all Android manufacturers') best built devices to date.

In Artem's words, "If every Galaxy S6 Edge got put together this slowly, Samsung would ship one hundred of them a day." Not a wise business decision. I trust they have nimbler fingers and less tense build-up in the manufacturing factories.