Get them while they're young. When it comes to securing longtime customers, one of the best moves tech companies can make is to get children accustomed to their products while they're going through school. That's not to say that everything is self-interested. In today's world, children benefit from getting early hands-on experience using tech to do something other than playing games.

Now Google is doing its part to make Canadian students as likely to encounter Android tablets in class as iPads. The company has announced the availability of Google Play for Education and classroom-oriented tablets north of the border. This move comes a couple months after the company expanded its initiative across the pond.


Google Play for Education provides teachers and school administrators with curated apps and the means to easily share content. Students also get access to plenty of free books. Android tablets give people something other than Chromebooks to tap into this ecosystem with.


Take a look at the source link for a glimpse at how one Canadian school has already utilized Android tablets with Google Play for Education.

Alternate title: Android Tablets With Google Play For Education Come To Canada