The Moto 360 starts out at $249.99, but if you want one in gold, that will cost you an extra $30. And if you want a spiffy metal band to match, that will be another $50. So at the end of the process, you're looking at handing over $330 for your shiny intelligent watch.

Today you can get a gold Moto 360 in this configuration on Amazon for just $260. That's only $10 more than a silver or black one with a leather strap. The gold band comes in at 18mm wide. The watch isn't Prime-eligible, but shipping is still free.


The watch is also on sale at Best Buy, though there it's only reduced down to $318. That's still a discount, but $12 off hardly compares to saving $70. But hey, maybe you just really want to pay using PayPal. Regardless, the choice is yours.