About four or five months ago, I got my Acer Chromebook 13, the second Chromebook I've owned. The first was the original Samsung Chromebook, which was more of a "test" device for me - something to get more familiar with Chrome OS, but it definitely didn't have the chops to be my daily driver. After getting the Acer, however, I realized that I basically stopped using my Windows laptop completely. In fact, I sold it a few weeks ago. I'm committed to Chrome OS at this point. (I still have a Windows desktop though, for those who are inevitably going to ask in the comments.)

Of course, using Chrome OS as a full-time OS has its share of...annoyances. One of the main ones, in my opinion at least, is the lack of MTP support for external mobile devices. If I plugged my phone in to my laptop, you know what happened? Not a lot, honestly. I could see the phone and its contents, copy some files, and that was basically it. Now, though, a new flag is present in the latest version of the Chrome OS dev channel that essentially allows full MTP support for mobile devices. This means copying, pasting, cutting, creating folders, etc. directly from Chrome OS is possible. Definitely a huge step in the right direction.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 at 1.39.41 PM

To enable this functionality, just jump into chrome://flags and tick the option to enable MTP write support (alternatively, you can just go directly to chrome://flags#enable-mtp-write-support). Be aware that this is an early iteration of the feature, so certain things - like image editing, for example - still aren't available.

Still, I see no reason not to try it out, especially if you're already on the dev channel (which is the only way to use Chrome OS is this writer's opinion).

Now if we can just get adb and fastboot support, I'll be one happy guy.