Many adventure games are packed with action. The Adventures of Poco Eco is filled with sound. It's still a game, but one developer Possible Games pitches as an exploratory audio-visual experience.

In the Adventures of Poco Eco, you play as Poco, a square little guy thingy who must help his tribe find its lost Sounds. You do this by solving puzzles spread out across a dozen levels.

The relaxing point-and-click experience probably won't overwhelm you whenever you pull out your phone or tablet. You will largely explore new worlds, press buttons, and listen to tunes from Iamyank's new LP, The Lost Sounds (all seven tracks come as part of the download, but you can also find them on Bandcamp).


If all of this sounds like a good time, the game can be yours for $1.98. There are no in-app purchases, which I say gets the game off to a relaxing start.