Google Wallet has existed for almost four years, but everyone suddenly wants to be involved with mobile payments now that Apple Pay is a thing. Samsung Pay is expected later this year, and Microsoft is rumored to be preparing its own NFC payment service called Microsoft Payments. The news comes by way of a regulatory filing in which Microsoft applies to deploy a money transmission service in all 50 states.

Microsoft hasn't officially acknowledged the existence of such a service, but Windows 10 will have host card emulation (HCE) on phones just like Android introduced in KitKat. That differs from the old secure element requirement in that multiple payment profiles can be activated on a single device without a secure element controlled by an OEM or carrier.

But what of Android support? Microsoft has started expanding its apps and services to other platforms as Windows Phone continues to stagnate. Maybe we can look forward to another phone-based NFC payment option. Well, a second one. Unless you don't live in the US, in which case you probably nave none. Sorry.