Disney has made a number of sweeping changes since buying out Lucasfilm to get all that sweet Star Wars IP. There are going to be new movies, but of more immediate concern is your ability to buy the old ones digitally, a first for Star Wars fans.

2015-04-07 17_23_39-Star Wars_ The Digital Movie Collection - Movies & TV on Google Play

All three films of the original trilogy are available for purchase at $19.99 each, but there are also three other movies I've never heard of, ever. Still, they claim to be Star Wars movies, so I'm sure they won't end up mocking my childhood with every computer rendered frame. I kid—the prequels are okay.

The full six-movie package costs $89.99. The price includes the films in HD with 5.1 surround sound, of course, but also an assortment of digital extras for each film. You get deleted scenes, interviews, TV spots, and more. It all unlocks on April 10th for your streaming pleasure.