Slacker isn't a music streaming service. Okay, it is, but it has a twist. Okay, I know, they all have twists. But Slacker isn't just about loading tracks. Think of it as Internet radio. Pandora? No, no, it's nothing like that. Users create and customize their own stations, then—okay, I see what you're getting at. Let's start over.

Slacker is a music streaming service, one of the many available in the Play Store. Today it's sporting a new look.

The company has provided a redesigned app with a tweaked interface that's intended to point you towards better recommendations. For starters, there's a "Today on Slacker" feed that highlights artists, albums, and stations that you might like.

Slacker's "Off-Line" listening mode (which you're perfectly welcome to refer to simply as its offline listening mode), lets you continue to listen to music without a data connection.

If you're up for a nostalgia trip, Slacker will also let you set songs, albums, playlists, or stations as personalized ringtones or ringback tones. This throwback feature is exclusive to Verizon Wireless, and the ability to set unlimited tones will set you back $2 a month.

Press Release

Newly Redesigned Slacker® Radio App Now Available for Android Devices
Android App Features Fresh Interface, Improved Personalization and More Customization Options For an Exceptional Listening Experience

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Slacker® Radio’s completely redesigned app, with an enhanced interface and improved personalized recommendations, is now available for Android devices. The new app better surfaces the radio-centric content and features that make Slacker unique among streaming music services.

“Slacker Radio has always been the most human and feature-rich streaming radio service, with hand-curated programming that can only be enjoyed on Slacker”

The new app makes it easier for Android users to tap into Slacker’s expansive library of millions of songs and albums, hundreds of hand-crafted music stations, and exclusive stations hosted by the likes of Luke Bryan, John Legend, Charlie XCX, and the cast of the FX series Archer. These human-curated stations with expert and celebrity voices allow fans to delve into their favorite artists in a way that transcends the mere playlists offered by other services. Slacker Radio for Android also provides frictionless access to exclusive non-music offerings from top-tier brands like ESPN, ABC, Nerdist, and American Public Media.

“Slacker Radio has always been the most human and feature-rich streaming radio service, with hand-curated programming that can only be enjoyed on Slacker,” said Duncan Orrell-Jones, CEO, Slacker Radio. “This massive overhauling of our Android app takes streaming radio a step further by simplifying the user experience, and by leveraging state-of-the art technology to bring personalized selections of our expert-curated programming front and center for each user.”

New and redesigned features include:

  • “Today on Slacker” – a new feed that surfaces artist, station and album recommendations and is powered by Slacker’s cutting edge personalization technologies. The feed also includes curated music news stories and tweets from relevant artists and hosts.
  • “Off-Line” listening – Slacker’s patented offline listening mode that enables users to enjoy fully personalized stations even when not connected to the internet has been enhanced to enable background station download and refresh while listening to other stations or browsing the app.
  • “Fine Tune” – Station controls that allow users to move sliders to customize the music mix for variables including song popularity, release year and listener favorites have been redesigned for easier access and improved controls.
  • “Slacker Radio Tones” – Slacker’s re-imagination of ringtones that allows users to customize their mobile experience by setting either songs, stations, playlists* or albums as personalized ringtones and ringback tones across their entire contact list has been redesigned to allow customer more streamlined ability to search, preview and set tones from throughout the app. This feature is exclusive to Verizon Wireless customers and is the only service of its type, allowing subscribers to stream music as well as select tones from one application, and allowing users to set unlimited tones for a flat monthly subscription fee. Slacker Radio Tones will also be coming to iPhone and Windows Phone 8 apps later in April.

Listening to Slacker is easy: download the app or stream on the web site for free to gain access to hundreds of exclusive stations, including American Public Media and Radio Disney. For $3.99 a month, users have access to unlimited song skips, and they can listen offline and customize ESPN and ABC News, all ad-free. For $9.99 a month, all of those features are available along with on-demand access to Slacker Radio’s library of millions of songs. Slacker Radio provides a seamless listening experience across all devices, from the web to mobile devices to in-car infotainment systems.

For $2 a month Verizon Wireless customers can subscribe to Slacker Radio Tones from the app directly, by visiting a Verizon store or going to Slacker Radio Tones does not require a Slacker Radio streaming subscription.

*Setting playlist tones requires a Slacker Radio Premium subscription

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