Google has finally updated the platform distribution numbers a little later in the month than usual, and there's been very little movement since last time. The most notable change is Android 5.1's surprise appearance. It's running on 0.4% of active devices already.

2015-04-08 01_41_08-Dashboards _ Android Developers

It took Lollipop three months to cross the 0.1% threshold required to be included in the dashboard update. Now here we are mere weeks after Android 5.1 started rolling out, and it's at 0.4%. It hasn't even been released for devices like the Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 (whyyyyyy, Google?). The 5.0 variant of Lollipop ticked upward from 3.3% to 5% as well, probably thanks to the release of new devices.

All the other versions are holding steady, with only small declines across the board for everything prior to KitKat. Froyo continues to cling to life at 0.4%, the same as Android 5.1. So in a random sampling of Android users, you're just as likely to find someone limping along with Froyo as rocking Android 5.1. Weird.