We more or less knew that LG's April 28th event was going to be for the G4, but now the Korean OEM has come out and said it. The G4 will be revealed in just a few short weeks, but that's almost all we know.

The video doesn't include any details about the device, save for one—there will be an f1.8 camera. This wide aperture should make the G4 a capable low-light shooter, or so one would hope. There's also that leather background again. I suppose that means the phone will have leather on it somewhere. We'll find out in a few weeks.

Invite image shows off leather back

Here's an invitation image for the event, complete with rear-facing buttons and a leather back. It doesn't look particularly good in this context. We're pretty sure the leather version will be optional or a special edition of some sort.

LG G4 US Invite