Dropbox's Mailbox email client has always been relatively simple and stylish, but the latest version of the app pushes it further in both directions. For the big 2.0, Mailbox is going material.

The side navigation menu slides out over the action bar, and a floating action button hovers in the bottom right corner. Excess lines have been stripped from various areas of the app, leaving more whitespace and, well, lots of white in general.

Some non-visual additions have made the changelog as well. You can have signatures appear at the bottom of your message as you're writing, reassurance that they will actually be included when you hit send. You can also edit HTML before replying or forwarding. And when Google Calendar invites come in, you should see those rendered in a way that's more accommodating to your mobile device.

What's new:

  • We've redesigned the app to Material design specifications
  • Signatures can now be displayed while you compose your email
  • You can edit HTML emails before replying or forwarding to someone
  • Google Calendar invite emails are rendered in mobile-friendly format

Despite the big number change, Mailbox remains only compatible with Gmail and iCloud accounts.

The app was not found in the store. :-(