The official CBS Sports app has been updated to work with Android TV devices. What, you want more? That's all there is to this story. OK, it's also been updated with non-specific improvements for the upcoming Masters golf tournament, plus a few bug fixes. Um... it's now on version 8.2.2. And here's a screenshot from my phone, because I don't have an Android TV box yet and CBS didn't include a shot of the TV interface anywhere.

2015-04-04 16.50.39

Just imagine this, but 50 inches bigger.

On second thought, there might be a reason for that. The app is incompatible with the original ADT-1 Android TV developer device. And also the Nexus Player. Which, for those following along at home, represents 100% of the Android TV hardware on the market at the moment. Oops.


Artem has ALL THE ANDROIDS. Including the Nexus Player and the ADT-1. Which aren't compatible.

The developers probably forgot to include the flag for Android TV support in the app manifest. Either that, or they included support for Android TV in general, but denied specific support for both of the ATV set-top boxes that have actually launched. You can decided for yourself which is worse. The app might just work if you side-loaded it onto an ATV device, but I doubt anyone will go to the trouble.

At least the CBS Sports app isn't actually a video-heavy app, well not primarily. It delivers scores, schedules, and news for various sports, plus a live audio stream of the radio station, but only two live video programs for fantasy football and fantasy baseball. So it's unlikely that anyone was waiting with bated breath for this app on their Android TV device... but it's still an embarrassing misstep by a huge media corporation. Feel free to point and laugh now.