After almost going offline in 2012 in the midst of a complete restructuring, OnLive has confirmed the sale of most of its assets to Sony. The deal does not include any continuation of the service, so after five years of streaming, OnLive's gaming service will shut down on April 30th. It's okay, though. You probably weren't using it, thus the reason for the sale.


OnLive was one of the first companies to try commercializing game streaming. It started with support for PCs, then expanded to phones, tablets, streaming boxes, and some TVs. OnLive's website has been updated with a notice of the shutdown. In fact, attempting to go to any page on the consumer-facing game streaming section will redirect to this notice. The enterprise section of the site appears to still be operational, so these services might continue in some fashion.

You can still download the OnLive client to use for a few more weeks, and the Android apps are still live in Google Play. None of these will be available after the shutdown. The technology backing OnLive will probably continue to exist as part of Sony's PS4 in the future. Sony already has some game streaming features based on the technology it got through the acquisition of Gaikai in 2012.

Your Android-based game streaming needs will continue to be met by NVIDIA and its GRID service. It's not likely that's going away any time soon.